My Husband Has Premature Ejaculation…?

Written by MWooten on January 13th, 2010

Does anyone know what we can do because my husband has premature ejaculation. We have tried foreplay and still it doesn’t work. He is done WAY faster than I am. He has been to the doctor and yet no one seems to help. He has even thought of “other” stuff and still nothing. Is there any medication or special treatment for him? It honestly is becoming a major problem with us. Please Help….Thanks in advance for your comments.

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  1. sparkled says:

    Premature ejaculation is ejaculation that occurs immediately prior to or just after insertion of the penis into the partner, without any sense of voluntary control. It is a common sexual phenomenon, occurring in approximately one-third of men under 25, and in about 10 percent of men older than 25. General causes of premature ejaculation include overstimulation, anxiety over sexual performance, and stress. But it is also seen as a potentially conditioned response. For example, if a man’s earliest sexual experiences were situations that might have required rapid ejaculation, or where rapid ejaculation was encouraged, then it may have become a learned habit. Another element leading to premature ejaculation is a male’s lack of awareness of the preliminary sensations that lead to orgasm, making him unable to control the process leading to ejaculation.
    Regardless of the cause of premature ejaculation, there are solutions that are considered to be highly effective. Two methods that have been written about extensively are the stop-start method, and the squeeze method. The stop-start method works to make a man more aware of his sensations as he is approaching orgasm. His partner manually stimulates his penis while he focuses on his sensations. When he feels that orgasm is approaching, he has his partner stop the stimulation. The extreme sexual tension will be defused, and then the partner can begin restimulation. Once the couple becomes proficient at this, then the procedure is applied to coital situations — in a heterosexual relationship (also adaptable to a homosexual relationship), it is suggested that the couple attempts this first with the woman on top, followed by the side to side position, and then male on top.
    The squeeze technique is commonly executed with the premature ejaculator laying down, knees bent, so that his partner who is sitting up and facing him, can sit between his legs. The partner stimulates the genital area until the penis is erect, then applies a squeeze lasting 3 or 4 seconds by holding the penis with the thumb on the ridge between the head and shaft, and the first two fingers situated on either side of the ridge opposite the thumb. This squeeze eliminates the desire for ejaculation. This technique should be repeated several times during genital stimulation, so that foreplay can continue without ejaculation. Once mastered, this method can be used in intercourse where a woman (or male partner) inserts her/his partner’s penis and sits on top of him motionless. When he feels close to ejaculation, s/he lifts her-/himself off and administers a squeeze, then returns to the sitting position. Over time this results in ejaculatory control.

  2. Jerdy says:

    well, are you look hot… really hot? Is youre husband work in a woman enviroment? If he`s not you got to stay up, and make some terapie! Step by step! Do not let him do anything, you move, you control! Four times with that program and bye bye P.E!

  3. the one says:

    Put a rubber band around the stem of his pecker.
    Are you really HOT & SEXY or is he just a big sissy?
    Another cure is find another secret lover.
    O and to your husband, HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!

  4. Sus says:

    Can you find a position he’s not all that keen on, so he keeps going for longer? Can you do it when he’s tired and so less able to orgasm faster? Can you make do with him stimulating you in other ways, perhaps with a strap-on or a d*ldo, or through oral sex? What you should also be doing is getting to the root of the problem for him – find out if there’s a medical explanation and ask yourself if it’s always been this way (perhaps he’s under a lot of stress and it will pass).

  5. madeline candice says:

    are you sure

  6. adobepri says:

    Condoms slow men down because they decrease sensation. Has he tried medication from a doctor?
    What about getting some manual stimualtion for you or him learning how to pleasure you prior to himself with his mouth? Toys for you or him learning some hand or mouth skills to satisfy you?
    What about a complete medical evaluation for him? What about putting him on a total healthfood diet?

  7. stive br says:


  8. Phillip R says:

    Ouch! His pride and confidence must be trashed.

  9. Schmitz says:

    do it more then once then….

  10. lilAudre says:

    Why on earth would you be asking yahoo when the he’s already been to the doctor?
    Go to a Specialist sounds Bad. Good Luck

  11. blonde_g says:

    I talked with my doctor about the same problems.. Endurance is a major factor in premature ejaculation.. If your not having sex often enough to help him get a tolerance built up that can be a problem.. There are medications to help with this problem.. However most doctors recommend trying to solve it on your own since these meds can have some nasty side effects.. Good Luck!

  12. bevdms says:

    I would suggest that your husband try and get you a bit closer by extending foreplay for you not him. See if this helps.

  13. nathan b says:

    i found its all about confidence i found id go limp wen i think too much trying to please more than 1 woman at a time tell him to just relax dont let it worry him and try an build his confidence to a point where he will think hes bullet proof an u will find it ll happen otherwise give us a message an we ll chat at cheers hope this helps

  14. utlcutl says:

    Just tell him a math problem that he needs to solve in his mind while you guys are doing it.

  15. ronscott says:

    I know how to handle it, but what I say might offend many users, so I might get booted. I would rather tell you in private, but I don’t know how to do that on this board. So here it goes. My first wife and I were married during the Viet Nam deal, and I was very much in love with every inch of her mind body and soul. We got together before I got orders to go, after boot camp, and I had the problem your husband is having now, because she was so beautiful, so sexy, so wonderful, so giving, so loving, and I came in 10 seconds. She figured out a way to please herself, because, like your husband, I was very concerned about her pleasure too, but very helpless as to what to do, she’d go down, tell me to close my eyes, and she’d work me in every way imaginable, then, I’d get ‘up’ again, and she’d ride it to her satisfaction. Wow, I hope you get to read this before someone complains about it, I’m telling you the truth, good luck, love each other no matter what. Ron

  16. Ðøwñ tø Ëã®th says:

    Premature Ejaculation what a shame.well use Start/Stop Therapy surely it will help.

  17. james j says:

    lol lol lol my god lol lol lol ….thank god im not married to you …lol .l…lol lol take it as a complement…lol you must be the shizznit in bed yo ….lol

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